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We have a proven history of helping companies discover what advertising channels make the most sense for their product or service. Implementing creative ideas without the kind of strategic thinking is a complete waste of time and money.

We can help you determine the best ways to invest your marketing dollars just to reach your target audience. Revamping your traditional approach and collaborate with our way of marketing will surely nail any customer and we are here to help.

Here's How we work.


Our primary focus is to provide your sales team with qualified leads. We reach out to your target audience using our various channels (outbound calling, email, chat support, mobile & banner advertising).


Email is the undisputed king of B2B marketing. The recent statistics show 87% of B2B marketers use email to generate leads and 31% of these sites that utilize email channel makes the biggest impact on revenue, and yes we are going to help you reach your goals!


Running an event needs careful planning from sending out RSVPs, filtering the intended audience, speakers, venue etc. Doing it yourself or DIY event management is tasking. This is where we offer our specialty. We are an expert if your company needs to reach out to right potential audience. Here we can help you what needs to be done. Contact Us now.


On top of our tele-prospecting services, we also cater to list purchase and data profiling inquiry. Go to Contact Us and send us your criteria (Country, Industry Type, Size of the company, Decision maker) and other specifications. Once we receive your email, one of our marketing consultants will respond to you in 24 hours.


Thanks for your interest in Touch-biz. For more information, feel free to get in touch.

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